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All pieces are copyrighted. Charles Caputo

Orchestral pieces:

Sky watch Part 1
Skywatch Part  2
Sky watch Part 3
Fires that shine brightly through the night
Song of the winds
Fire star
Night of the mystic moon
Of truth and sky
One thousand nights
Summer night dream
Dreaming through the summer nights
A micro tale (Tweezers)
Man extraordinaire
Lagoons of twilight
Of Hope and Dawn
Veritas Lux Mea (The truth is my light)

I will be redoing "of hope and dawn" and "fires that shine brightly through the night" with east west samples in the near future.

Concert Band w/strings:

Dreaming by the sea
A seaman’s tale
The alliance for a progressive future
The people’s fanfare

Electric guitar w/ orchestra:

Keepers of the flame

Rock/pop combo w/orchestra:

Out of the night

New age/electronica/other:

Celestial dreams
Surrender to the night


Stepping out
Neon lights (vocal version)
Neon lights (instrumental version)

Rock instrumentals:

Guitar Americana

Songs: (various genres)

An island song
To dreams
Thousand characters searching for a play
Seaside at Rio
Living in the heart of a man
Cocoa beach
Left wing expectations
Dreams of Junah
My August moon
We’ll let the night take us away
Her almond eyes
Exit the night
From These ashes
Fires which burn brightly through the night 2
Man is waiting. (future bound)
The philosophy song (Mankind is waiting)
Sensitive Boy
Song of the winds 2
Waiting on the night
Shine autumn moon
Boots of seasoned leather
Their eyes
Brown eyed lady
Safeguarding this heart
Her moonlight eyes
This man reborn
This heartless town
The daylight song

Dance/electronica songs:

Bring on the heartbeat

Blues/rock songs:

Fire of life
Heartaching man

Comedy songs:

Bongo, bongo bongo

Holiday songs:

Blue Christmas